Sharing vows. A new chapter in life. Accomplishments worth celebrating. Generosity. Pleasure. Beauty.

Flowers are the medium that we use to make a statement.  To highlight the beauty and forms found in nature.  To evoke love, excitement, kindness, ceremony.

Our work with each client is an opportunity to create something purposeful and thoughtful using the most unique flowers we can find, bringing beauty, ambiance, and intimacy to the occasions that bring people together.

Experience the world of Amorosa5 through flowers, fragrance, and celebration.



“The flower market in New York City opens before the sun comes up. Once I’m there, I’m on a mission. I arrive with an idea of color and form, but the flowers, they’re my guide.”

-- Erin Edwards, founder and creative director, Amorosa5

Erin Edwards, Amorosa5 founder and creative director, worked in fashion for 16 years, designing for Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, and Coach before using her design sensibility to create visual expressions in a new medium. 

Led by a love of color, shape, the forms of flowers, and the pleasure of entertaining, she embarked on a second career as a floral designer, and in 2017 founded Amorosa5.